State-shaped pallet print - Texas


Hello, I’m Caleb Benson – the owner and operator of Montana Pallet Art & Design.

I will take your photo and create a stunning work of art that will amaze you. I’ve been designing and building custom pallet art for over 3 years and I’ve built over 2000 pallet photos so far. Every photo sent in will be examined closely to ensure it is high enough resolution for the pallet print. Also, each and every photo is measured out and cut meticulously to ensure that NO important parts of the photo are cut in half. I take great pride in my work, and it shows in every finished product.

Put your photo on a state outline! We are proud to offer pallet prints cut into the shapes of many states. I take the same time ensuring your photo will look good in the shape outline you prefer. I will also send you a preview of your image so there are no surprises, and that the layout will work exactly how you envision. All photos include $15 Shipping. Feel free to ask me a question, I would be happy to help!


Each of our pallet prints are hand-crafted and individually built to meet our customer’s needs. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in each piece. Our promise to you is that you will get a crisp, clean looking photo with a fine finish - with no faces or important focal points cut in half.

Style Options

We give you a variety of style options to fit your needs. We offer a rustic rope design along with other style options. For this rope design send us a message! Visit our pallet portfolio to see some work!

State Shapes

Put your favorite photo on a custom-shaped pallet! The perfect shape outline requires extensive engineering and planning. Each of our pallet shapes are custom assembled and created by Caleb Benson, owner of Montana Pallet Art and Design. Request your home state and have your favorite photo put on it!